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Isotank Container Services Sdn Bhd is a specialist in the Isotank industry. We offer a true "One-Stop Service" concept from transportation service and storage, interior & exterior tank cleaning facilities and a whole lot more in terms of complete customer satisfaction. The understanding of our customer's needs and requirements play an integral part in our company's vision of providing only the best to our customers.


Malaysia ISO Tank Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

We are ready and equipped for internal and external cleaning of ISO tanks, road tankers and box containers. Our extensive range of equipment and experienced staff are capable of handling all kinds of cleaning services such as:Cold and hot water flush.

1. Deodorizer
2. Detergent wash
3. Acid wash
4. Foodstuff cleaning
5. Latex stripper wash
6. Steam cleaning
7. Interior and exterior tanks cleaning
8. Pump and hose cleaning

Malaysia ISO Tank Services


When compared to mechanical cleaning methods, PSC’s Chemical Cleaning processes can reduce downtime, exposure to toxic materials and environmental hazards, while helping the plant run more efficiently.We developed and trained our staffs in term of cleaning processes which can reduce downtime, exposure to toxic materials and environment hazards, while helping our plant run more efficiently. With our experienced staff, together with the up-to-date equipments employed, we are able to ensure that tanks can be cleaned and made available for reuse in the shortest time possible.


ISO tank services Malaysia



Heating Service

We provide heating services for cargo that solidify during shipment and needed to be in liquid form before being sent to various processing plants such as glucose. The heating process is backed up by a steam boiler. We also provide heating services for flexi tanks. We employ the following heating methods as required by customers.

ISO tank Services

ISO tank RepairRepairing Services

We invested new technology on repairing of tanks. We are upgrading our repair equipments frequently in order to provide better skill to our customers. Our well trained staffs are ready to service our customers in term of repairing.


ISO tank Services

Statutory tests

For safety purpose, we must do leak tests which are included regular leak test, 2.5 years test (Air Test) and 5 years test (Hydro Test). We expand our investment in filter and dry air system which can remove odour, dust, oil and water in the air.

ISO tank Services

Haulage and storage

Isotank Container Services Sdn Bhd has a range of ISO tanks that can cater to a wide variety of needs. Besides providing ISO tanks, we also specialize in assisting our customers in terms of logistical requirements such as haulage and storage. We have a nationwide network of existing trucking companies that we can mobilize on demand and our site provides the ideal location for storing your tanks prior to transportation.