Malaysia ISO Tank Services Environment

Environment Protection and Safety Services

We work closely with Environment Protection Agencies in Malaysia to implement the global standards for customers. You can expect our superior service in a safe clean atmosphere. We have developed a comprehensive safety process to protect our staffs and customers. Our cleaning systems are implemented with the most modern equipment to minimize the environment impact. Our water treatment system is approved by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia to minimize waste disposal and to treat whatever waste that is being disposed of properly in order to protect the environment.With meeting the increasing demands and responsibilities of environmental issues, we continuous expand investment in fume scrubbing and cleaning equipment to control vapour emission and treatment of effluent occurred by the cleaning process. We also use low pressure re-circulation principle reduces water consumption.


ISO tank services Safety


Safety Facility and Equipment

We have set the industry benchmark for safety. For us, safety is an attitude, not a set of rules. Our safety process is integral to our operations, and we invest more in safety and safety training than any other contractor in the industry. We provide necessary safety equipments to our staffs in order to provide a safe working environment for our employees. We also provide regular training and industry’s update to our employees to improve their efficient cleaning skills to shorter turnaround time in order to provide consistently best quality service to increase customers’ tank utilization rate.